Aim For Love is the fifth book in the Tavonesi series and is about Sabrina and Kaz. Sabrina is a Tavonesi and made loads of appearances in the previous books in the series. When Aim for Love opens, she’s fresh off a surprise run of fame due to well-received indie film. However, the character that she played – and is expected to play again – is a tortured one and has invaded Sabrina’s psyche. She quite literally cannot get the woman out of her head.

Kaz has the weight of generations on his shoulders – his family expects him to eventually retire from baseball to take over the family peach farm. He’s a expert samurai warrior and famous in the league for his ability to control his own mind. Sabrina’s brother hooks them up, hoping that Kaz can get the dark passenger out of Sabrina’s head.

Of course, as they get emotionally intimate, the physical intimacy follows and the book is delightful. It’s not my favorite of the series, but I did find Aares’s portrayal of Sabrina’s mental anguish to be on the nose. It was angsty – as a lot of her books are – but even brief encounters with mental health issues can be traumatizing.

Overall, fans of both baseball and romance will find lots to love in this book. As I’ve said elsewhere, baseball and beer go hand and hand for me, so that’s the beverage recommendation for this whole series. Check out Craft Beer to find the best available in your area.


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