I’m a writer as well as a reader, so I know how annoying and borderline offensive it is to authors to have someone scream at them to write faster. I do. I promise.

That being said.


Holy hell, this book series. I’ve started ordering my friends to read this, sending text messages and emails all over the globe with links to purchase. It has been years since I read something like this and I am so grateful to London for it.

If you haven’t read the first one, then stop right now and go there. This is absolutely not a stand alone situation and you owe it to yourself to start from the beginning. All you need to know is this: Adult dystopian America with incredible characters, a first class love story and sex so hot it may actually have melted my Kindle.

But on to Conscience. I’ll stick to my policy of not really talking about the plot because everyone deserves to know nothing about it. You deserve to discover as I did and have the moments with Caroline that I got to have. As the Fed parades her beloveds in front of her, I hope you feel her despair and her strength in your gut. I hope this book sucker punches you in the best ways. I hope you loose sleep because the story trapped you. Because all of those things are true for me.

Conscience develops the plot – we learn exactly who Santos is and how the seeds of this new America were planted. We hear about the process that led Caroline and Jack to where they were in the prologue to the series – running through the woods to save their lives. We also learn more about them – we get to read about his election campaign and Caroline’s transition into First Lady of Pennsylvania. We spend more time with her family and her friends, and watch the bonds between them all grow.

As the narrative ratcheted up, I kept muttering “where the hell is this going? there are four books left! what do we do now!?” and when I hit the last chapter of this book, I both gasped and cheered. Six months is a long time to wait for the third installment but I know she’ll make it worth our while.

Get this series and thank me later.

Drink recommendation stands as the last one: whiskey with one ice cube. I went with Barry Crockett from Middleton on the last one, and I think I’d stick with it for this. It’s a warming whiskey, which will help with the chilling narrative.


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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. A version of this review also appeared at Rakes of Romance