Releasing soon is Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose, a delightful baseball romance. If your team, like mine, is absolutely embarrassing at the moment and you’d like to root for a fictional team for a wee bit, then let me introduce you to the Trenton Sonics.

This book gave me all sorts of good book feels. First of all, I am a total sucker for baseball romances. It’s not only my favorite sport, but the one I think holds the most narrative possibilities for romance.  Rose writes the sport well – mixing fiction and reality seamlessly. Trenton, New Jersey could never, in reality, support a baseball team – especially with New Jersey baseball loyalties already firmly geographically established (South/Central= Phillies, Central/North = Yankees or Mets depending). But you know what, I didn’t care a whit. The magic and romance of the sport comes through strong. If you enjoy sports romances, then definitely pick this one up.

The plot centers around Jessica, a physical therapist who has learned her lesson about getting involved with ball players. Well, that lesson gets unlearned pretty quick Gavin King gets traded to her team after an injury. As they work together to get Gavin back onto the field, as well as acclimated into his new team, they move steadily and delightfully to their happily ever after.

The third of the Boys of Summer series, The Heat of the Moment continues the grand tradition in romance of creating a tribe and writing about each one. The first book, Bring on the Heat, is about Darcy and Chase and the second, Too Hot to Handle, focuses on Nikki and Jake. I’ve added both of those books to my insanely large TBR pile and look forward to digging into them soon!

Recommended for sports fans or those who enjoy great romance and don’t mind the baseball setting. Recommended beverage is definitely a cold beer, definitely a light ale of some variety. My current favorite, located in the Philadelphia area, is Summer Love Ale from Victory. Nationally, Sierra Nevada or Blue Moon would also do the trick.


Further Reading:

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  • Long Beach Island – where Jess escapes to for a bit at the end of the book. If you’re in the vicinity and looking for a quiet shore getaway, look no further. Also, speaking from personal experience, an excellent place to get married.
  • A YouTube video from a physical therapist for the Dodgers about common baseball injuries


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.