The Marriage Season is  – I’m sorry to say it – just fine. And “fine” is one of the most annoying reviews I know how to write. There’s nothing overtly wrong with it, there’s nothing overtly fantastic – it was a good distraction from life for a few hours. If Miller’s writing is a style you enjoy, then there is nothing here for you to object to and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

The Marriage Season is about Becca and Tate and a growing tribe of kiddos. It’s the third in a trilogy which found Becca’s other two best friends finding their happily ever afters in a small town in Montana. There are puppies and horses and tumbling children and small town charm.

For me, disappointingly, the small town charm comes with stilted dialogue and such normative gender roles and stereotypes that I found myself gritting my teeth several times. The women are all wonderful transcendent cooks who are good with “womanly” touches for house decorating, the men are all bumfuddled by it all and work strapping man type jobs. Even silly things like the men all drank beer and the women drank wine – it was like reading a check list of white women in their 30s. No one really seemed to have a personality and so the love story – while charming and enjoyable – wasn’t one I could sink my teeth into.

My mother loves sweet books with happy endings but I think even she would roll her eyes at this one. Too saccharine for proper escapism as I define it. To follow my gender sterotype, I suppose white wine is the only appropriate drink for this one. Becca demands a California chardonnay, and Forbes tells me these are the best out there, so let’s go with one of them, shall we?


Further reading:

  • Montana ranches: If this saccharine is inspiring, then perhaps you’d like your own ranch to have a brood of puppies and children.
  • Linda Lael Miller: Miller is prolific and I have enjoyed some of her works in the past – Parable, Montana series, for example, still does the macho cowboy business, but not nearly as simplistic as this current series.
  • If you don’t want to own a ranch, then perhaps a visit to one would be a better idea. Check here for vacation ideas for upcoming holidays.


I received a copy of this book from the eBook section of my local library.