Thrown by Love is the second in the Tavonesi series and this one focuses on Scotty and Chloe. Scotty has just been traded from the team he’s been with forever and is not exactly thrilled with it. Chloe is a physicist, but is not super comfortable in the academic world, often feeling uncomfortable with the unspoken politics and maneuvers.

They met in a chance encounter and feelings begin to – shall we say – blossom. Then Chloe inherits the team and things get – shall we say – complicated. Especially when you factor in some mysterious happenings that start to threaten Chloe’s ownership and expose their secret romance.

Just like Aares’s other works, Thrown By Love is a delight. It immerses you and provides the perfect escape that summer-set romances should. As I’ve said elsewhere, baseball and beer go hand and hand for me, so that’s the beverage recommendation for this whole series. Check out Craft Beer to find the best available in your area.


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