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Hello fellow readers!

We all know that the internet is lousy with book review websites, but I am hoping this one will be slightly different. Not only will we be providing beverage recommendations (both alcoholic and non) for various works, but we will be connecting the themes of books read to wider social themes.

For example, a review of Pride and Prejudice on another site may lead to an in-depth discussion of the literary themes of Austen’s work; not here. Instead, we may provide links to the dating rituals of Austen’s time or the longevity of Austen’s work in our time.

We here at Beverages and Books don’t discriminate towards genre; we read it all. Check the drop-down menus above for those that tickle your fancy and if you’ve read a book recently you’re just dying to review somewhere, drop an email. Our reading circle always has room for more.

In the meantime, happy reading!


The Beverages and Books Team

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