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Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis


The second book set in Sunshine, Idaho, Animal Attraction is a delight. In typical Shalvis fashion, the characters pop off the page and sweep you along with them. And as animals in novels is one of my favorite tropes, the fact that this one is set in a vet’s office is just a sweet bonus for me.

Our hero, Dell, is a half-Native American wall of muscle who has a sixth sense when it comes to animals, but a whole lot of stupid when it comes to his own emotional self. A love-em-and-leave-em kind of fella, he’s been flirting with the receptionist in his office since she blew into town 18 months ago.

Jade has a past that she’s keeping on lock down, deep lock down. However, when something happens outside the vet’s office to cause flashbacks, Dell calmly begins to refuse to let her continue to hide. After figuring out that whatever happened involves Jade being physically attacked, Dell decides to teach her self-defense.

Their tutoring sessions not only empower Jade to take back control over her own body, but soon inspire them to pursue their own attraction to each other. As Jade learns the true meanings of both strength and weakness, Dell and his family are integral to her new sense of self. I love narratives where people journey from isolation to community and this is a key example.

I’d recommend a strong glass of iced tea for this – to cool you down as the characters steam you up!


Further Reading:

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I got a copy of this book from my local used bookstore.