I don’t think I’ve read any other novel where the opening scene involves a car accident caused by duck. That’s right, duck. Lilah – our heroine – crashes into Brady – our hero -‘s truck in a convenience store parking lot because she’s distracted by the duck she is transporting back to her animal shelter.

Skeptical but intrigued – and because Lilah’s truck isn’t super drivable after the incident – Brady gives Lilah a lift out to her land and discovers she knows his two foster brothers and works closely with them. What started out as a chance encounter quickly becomes a developing relationship as their lives knit together even deeper.

Lilah’s quirky, sassy, and hard working, generous with her heart and her time. Sunshine, Idaho is her home in all senses of that word. Only leaving briefly for a few semesters of college, her grandmother’s illness called her back home. She’s running the town’s perpetually under-funded animal shelter, finishing her college degree via correspondence and generally managing the lives of her best friends Dell, Adam and Cruz. They all watch out for each other and life has settled into a grand little pattern.

Brady, on the other hand, is locked down. A turbulent childhood means he has little experience with vulnerability or intimacy and doesn’t seem eager to change either of those things soon. A former fighter jet pilot, he now takes charters into dangerous areas with little to no fear. Relationships, however, are petrifying. He stops by Sunshine to visit Adam and Dell, brothers themselves and foster brothers to him, expecting a short visit. Lilah gets in the way.

If you like stories of alpha males where the sassafras heroine calls him on his shit, then Animal Magnetism is the book for you. The harder Brady runs, the more insightful Lilah gets and just when she’s about to give up completely, he wises up and they get their happily ever after. Also, as the first book in a Shalvis series, this sets up the world of Sunshine nicely.

Overall, this one is recommended highly for fans of books with animals, books with alphas, and books where humor and sex go hand in hand.

Per usual with Shalvis, the sex is hot and well written and the romance is believable. She’s magic, this woman. Enjoy it with a good glass of iced tea – or a Arnold Palmer if you’re so inclined.


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  • The No Kill Network is a network of shelters like Lilah’s working to prevent unnecessary animal death.
  • Even though Brady won’t be flying it, this tour sounds breathtaking, eh?


I got a copy of this book from my local library. Viva la libraries!