I was totally swept up in this story. Trope alert: this is second-chance love at its best. Maddy and Billy were married lifetimes ago when they were both young and living in Pittsburgh. Billy was drafted into the NHL quickly into their marriage and decided that his free pass to puck bunnies was more important that his marriage vows and so after putting up with his wandering eye and other body parts for two years, Maddy split. They haven’t spoken since.

They run into each other at the end of Can’t Hurry Love and it rocks them to their cores. This book takes place a few months later when circumstances force them together. Things are going well until the past shows up – literally and figuratively – and they can only sort it if they pitch in together.

Is that vague enough for you?

Sorry/not sorry because this is one where the plot details are not the most important part of it. The most important part is the internal life of these two which bleed out into their external choices. There’s some beautiful moments between Billy and his niece who shows up, the internal monologue of both Billy and Maddy is fantastic, I love Maddy’s colleague Ruth and I cheered the happily ever after when we were given it. Luc and Tara Jean make several appearances in this book that are a treat and this is a great wrap up to a lovely trilogy.

The drink for this one is difficult because you need one that’ll sustain you through some emotional ups and downs. I went Diet Coke, but some others may want to choose a cozy cup of hot tea or a robust glass of red wine.


Further Reading:

  • There are a lot of ways to help kids whose parents are not stepping up. Check out here for a few places to start.
  • I can’t find anything like what Billy actually proposes as a school, but this one seems pretty close. It’s a fantastic idea – school that focuses on physical movement as a learning strategy. If any of you know of a place putting it into practice, please let me know.
  • Popular hockey romance novels


I got a copy of this book from the eBook connection of my local library. Long live libraries!