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Falling Under by Lauren Dane



So this is my first Dane book but I’ve clearly heard of her before. One reviewer I read complained she used “too much vulgarity” (i.e., she calls vaginas ‘pussies’ and while it’s not my favorite, I’m not sure I’d complain about it…) but overall, the reception of Dane in the romance community appears strong.

And now I know why.

Duke Bradshaw is co-owner of Twisted Souls, a custom car and bike restoration company in Seattle, Washington. He’s talk, dark, handsome, strong and covered in ink. Dedicated to his company and his friends, he’s particularly interested in his neighbor.

Carmella Rossi has a lot of irons in the fire – taking care of her unstable mother being the largest. Having grown up around cars and mechanics her whole life, she jumps at the chance her neighbor Duke offers her to come work at his shop as the office manager.

Of course, our boy Duke wants more than just her number crunching skills and wouldn’t we be disappointed in him otherwise? It isn’t long before their insane sexual chemistry takes over and carpet burns are acquired on all manner of body parts.

The pair has no trouble making their bodies in sync, but their souls take a little bit longer. Carmella, in particular, is not someone who is accustomed to letting other people into her space. She is someone in intimate and intense control of all her world and to have someone volunteer to shoulder some of her burdens completely throws her for a loop. And because they’re humans, they each blow the call sometimes. They don’t communicate well and they’re tired and selfish and snappy and they need to learn to apologize and bend and be in commitment, not just in lust.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and will be returning to Dane’s work in the future for sure. This bold, complicated couple needs a bold complicated drink, so I’d say a good whisky – Monkey Shoulder is a current favorite, on the rocks for me.


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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. A version of this review also appears at Rakes of Romance.