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It Started with Paris by Cathy...

<i>It Started with Paris</i> by Cathy Kelly

  For anyone who hasn’t read a Cathy Kelly book before, know this: she is one of the premiere women’s fiction authors in Ireland and It Started with Paris is an excellent example of why. A sprawling cast of characters that all end up interconnected at different points in the story – because everyone does […]

You by Caroline Kepnes

<i>You</i> by Caroline Kepnes

  You is a mindf*ck. A total and complete mindf*ck. In the best way. The story is written from Joe’s perspective and to Beck, his dream girl who he meets when she buys books in the East Village independent bookstore he manages. However, the relationship is not ever actually mutual. Joe is a crazed stalker who […]

Enchanted Afternoon by Susan W...

<i>Enchanted Afternoon</i> by Susan Wiggs

  Enchanted Afternoon almost counts as an Old School Romance, being written in 2002. It’s  the unusual story of Helena and Michael, Helena’s journey to running a turn-of-the-century domestic violence shelter and how they created family out of their bare hands. It’s also one of the most pro-women novels I have read in a long time. […]

Straddling the Line by Sarah M...

<i>Straddling the Line</i> by Sarah M. Anderson

  Straddling the Line is a lovely Harlequin Desire book from Sarah M. Anderson about a cross-racial romance between a Lakota woman and a white man. Josey is looking for funding for the school on the reservation and heads to Ben’s custom motorcycle business to see if he could donate equipment. While he initially declines, […]

A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wa...

<i>A Week at the Lake</i> by Wendy Wax

  I normally love Wax’s books. Her previous ones have been largely about women and their friendships through odd circumstances or despite them. This one was enjoyable – don’t get me wrong – it was just a liiiiiiitle more angsty than I found fully necessary. The angst comes from keeping secrets, and regular readers know […]

Deliver Me by Farrah Rochon

<i>Deliver Me</i> by Farrah Rochon

  Deliver Me is the first of Rochon’s Holmes Brothers series, which is set in New Orleans. This book is about Monica and Eli who are both doctors at a hospital in the city. They meet under less than awesome circumstances – Eli assumes Monica is a nurse and speaks to her wholly inappropriately – even […]

The Square by Rosie Millard

<i>The Square</i> by Rosie Millard

  The Square by Rosie Millard is one of those “slice of life” books in the tradition of Maeve Binchy. While there certainly is a plot, the book is more about the rhythms of life the characters move in. Centered around an upper-middle class housing square around a private garden in London (think the lovely […]

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper by...

<i>Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper</i> by Hilary Liftin

  Y’ALL. I ate this book up with a big fat spoon. I saw it on a tweet from Curtis Sittenfeld and followed the Amazon link. When I read the description, my mouse trigger finger immediately went to “buy”. Movie Star By Lizzie Pepper is the fictional tale of a Hollywood starlet drawn into a romance […]

Pleasure Island by Anna-Lou We...

<i>Pleasure Island</i> by Anna-Lou Weatherley

  Pleasure Island is one of those British bonkbusters that lets you escape into the habits of obscenely weathly people. It falls in the grand tradition of Victoria Fox, Jilly Cooper, Rebecca Chance and others. For me, unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to those works. Escapist to be sure, frothy and ridiculous absolutely – just […]

The Bollywood Bride by Sonali ...

<i>The Bollywood Bride</i> by Sonali Dev

Petals, I wanted to love this one so badly. I really did. As soon as it was sent to my precious little Kindle from NetGalley (thanks, publishers!) I stopped the book I was reading and dove into this one. I liked it. I really did. I just didn’t love it. Many of  things I loved about A […]