A Touch of Silk, as you can tell by the cover, is a part of Wilde’s Harlequin back catalog. It’s been recently repackaged with the fourth book in the series (this is the first) and that’s how I encountered it. The premise is creative and I enjoyed it with the caveat that I had all my usual problems I have with short stories. Taking this for what it is – a Harlequin Blaze which is centered around sex and has only little space for character development – this is a solid read.

Kay Freemont is a sex columnist in Manhattan who is your classic “those who can’t do teach”. To say she’s in a sexual dry spell is kind – to be honest, she doesn’t know her body or herself at all. Trapped in other people’s expectations of her, Kay is in the middle of a personal crisis when Quinn Scofield bursts into her life.

Quinn is a dedicated Alaska man who has a problem – there are simply no women in his town who are available. He’s ready for a wife and kids and to start building a family in this town that has been his family for his life. So, he and a few of his eligible pals get the bright idea to put an add in a women’s magazine for wives. They happen to pick Kay’s and thus the premise of our story kicks off.

Kay goes to Alaska to write a story to accompany the add and… well, petals, we all know what happens next don’t we. The spark between the two turns into a fire and in between Kay’s sexual awakening (and every woman should be so lucky) and Quinn sorting through some of his own garbage, they find their happily ever after.

100% recommended for fans of the Blaze format – I think this is a good one. If you like slow burn romances, then honestly you should always give Blazes a pass – that’s not what they’re for. Blaze’s a full of instal-attraction and hot sex and that is what you get here. Enjoy it with a good glass of warming whiskey or a hot chocolate if you’re not in the adult beverage mood.



I received a copy of this book from the eBook section of my local library. Thanks, Ben Franklin!