I first heard about Sarah Mayberry‘s work from the Smart Bitches Trashy Books podcast (a favorite!) and scurried to my library website to get whatever book I could. Within Reach was the first one available and quickly cemented my love of Mayberry. This book has stuck with me and considering how many books I read, to have a romance stick with me and want to press it into the hands of others is a statement.

Within Reach is about Michael and Angie, but also about Billie and Evie and Charlie. The book opens on Billie’s birthday. Her husband, Michael, and their kids Evie and Charlie are prepping for Billie’s birthday party. Angie, the best friend is there as well when Billie dies suddenly, leaving Michael and the kids completely bereft. Angie feels like she lost herself as well and leaves town to go on an elongated work trip.

When she returns to their Australian hamlet, Michael is still bereft and the kids clearly need help. They agree that Angie will use a shed in their back yard for her jewelry making business and then be around the house for Michael and the kids. She and Michael discover that the intimacy they shared as being Billie’s bookends extends to them as well. This slow burn romance that feels so wrong and so right is written so beautifully. Additionally, the children and the family and the romance and the sex and the and the and the… y’all, just get this book.

An Australian chardonnay is the perfect companion to this summer romance.


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I got a copy of this book from the eBook section of my local library. Thanks, tax dollars!