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You by Caroline Kepnes



You is a mindf*ck. A total and complete mindf*ck. In the best way.

The story is written from Joe’s perspective and to Beck, his dream girl who he meets when she buys books in the East Village independent bookstore he manages. However, the relationship is not ever actually mutual. Joe is a crazed stalker who has only tenuous links to reality. The narrative of his manipulation and further descent into madness is gripping and un-put-down-able.

I’ve heard it compared to Girl on a Train in the way that you’re never really sure what is happening, but I’d disagree. Because you’re in Joe’s head, you know everything that is happening, it’s the other characters who don’t and that adds to the level of creepiness and suspense.

I’m not saying anything else about the plot because I knew nothing but the back copy and that’s what every reader deserves to know. If the paragraph I put as a minor summary peaks your interest at all, then definitely get a hold of a copy.

I’m not normally a suspense reader – or however we classify this – but I’m glad I followed the buzz and picked this one up.  The characters drink a lot of vodka, so an appropriate drink is probably a vodka tonic or a vodka cranberry (a Vodberry, if you will), but I enjoyed it with a few cups of coffee over quiet mornings on vacation.


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I bought a copy of this book myself from my local independent bookstore.