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A Thrill to Remember by Lori Wilde



Just like Touch of Silk, this one is from Wilde’s Harlequin back catalogue. The conclusion of the series that Touch started, Thrill to Remember finds us back in Alaska. The opening takes place at a costume party where our hero and heroine are masked and mysterious. They end up having a super-sexy-super-secret tryst in an abandoned shack not far from the party and then swear they’ll never see each other again.

Of course, we readers know different. It turns out that when their masks are off, Meggie and Caleb are already acquainted – Meggie used to be married to Caleb’s brother, actually! Caleb discovers the mystery lady is Meggie before she finds out that the mystery dude is Caleb and I spent the whole book racing to find out what would happen when she found out. The reward was worth it, y’all. This is a hot book with engaging characters and fantastic sex. Highly recommended for fans of the Blaze format – short stories centered around sexual chemistry.

Since a chunk of this book takes place in Seattle, I was tempted to be super stereotypical and recommend coffee to go with it and then I did some googling. Turns out Seattle has a hopping cocktail scene! My personal favorite bog standard cocktail is a Singapore Sling, but check out this list for other inspirations!


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I got a copy of this from the eBook section of my local library. Thanks, Ben Franklin!