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Her Secret Protector by Roxanne Snopek



I was poking around NetGalley, as I am wont to do, a few days ago and noticed this book. The cover screamed “contemporary romance! one you might like!” and so I clicked. The description said that Snopek would be great for fans of Susan Mallery and Kristan Higgins (two of my all-time favorite authors) so I requested it. Gosh, I’m glad I did. I found this book charming and very enjoyable.

Carrie Logan has – with the exception of a few years – lived her entire life in a small town in Montana. Emphasis on small. She runs a successful and loved photography business that specializes in weddings, babies and the like. Her grandfather essentially founded the town and it’s clear that being of his lineage is a thing. A THING.

Ethan Nash is a blow-in, looking for a place to start over after a bad breakup and a financial/professional disaster. He’s a skilled tech genius, who specializes in matters of security, but since moving to Cherry Lake, he’s also become a dog trainer. The real problem for Ethan is that no one told him how to live in a small town. He’s been keeping largely to himself, which has led the locals to believe that he’s a jerk. He’s not, just a bit inept when it comes to people.

When someone hacks Carrie’s website and exposes some pieces of her past she’d rather remain hidden, she enlists Ethan to help. Of course they fall in love because that is the law. What you’re interested in, however, is if it’s fun to read about how they get there. The answer is a resounding yes. The comparison to Mallery is spot on – I would absolutely recommend Snopek for fans of Mallery or Robyn Carr. This book is part of a Cherry Lane series, but the books are written by multiple authors. I think that’s a super concept and am planning on checking out more of the series as soon as a hole opens in my reading schedule (so, 2025 at the moment….).

Overall, highly recommended book. I read it on a plane and was engrossed the whole time, chuckling a few times to myself. As I was on said plane, I enjoyed it with a G&T and would recommend the same for you.


Further Reading:

  • The piece from Carrie’s past that crops up is that she used to shoot boudoir photography. If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s a great Q&A site of a lady in Manchester, England who does them.
  • Fascinating article from The Guardian on Orthodox Jewish women who have boudoir photographs taken as a form of empowerment and therapy.
  • If you feel really out of your depth in internet security, this article is a great place to start to learn more.


I got a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.