Rescue My Heart is the third in Shavis’s delightful “Animal Magnetism” series. This one is about Adam and Holly, who have quite the past, full of love and misunderstanding. When Holly’s dad goes missing in the mountains, she enlists Adam’s help and they begin the forced reconciliation.

Adam is just freshly back from several tours in the U.S. Special Forces and carries the scars from that (and a host of other things). We have a serious second chances, tortured hero trope combo happening here and it’s lovely. These two people both know each other and don’t – which provides such a great background to their newly developing romance. They hurt each other and made mistakes and as they learn to trust again, it’s so rich.

Just like every Shalvis, the characters are believable, you’ll laugh right out loud and you should enjoy it with a good glass of wine.


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I grabbed a copy of this book from my local library. Thanks, Ben Franklin!