The Reasons to Stay, a Harlequin/Mills & Boon Super Romance, is a fabulous book that I enjoyed from cover to cover. It’s one of those that grabs you quickly and encourages you to invest in these people nearly immediately.

Pris, our heroine, is not a lady who likes connections. However, life forces her hand and she finds herself in sole custody of her ten-year-old half brother who has aspirations of gang life. Feeling overwhelmed but knowing she can’t run this time, Pris rents an apartment and starts to set down roots with the hopes that someone in their small hometown can help her to figure out how to be a last minute parent.

Adam, the landlord, is one such person and adds to crazy cast of characters found in such a novel set in a small town. As they all learned what family can mean, I fell for them. And, as an added bonus not always present in Super Romances, the sex is super hot. The characters are all rough around the edges – these aren’t sweethearts looking to melt you with their saccharine. I don’t think you’ll regret picking this one up.

Enjoy it with a solid glass of your favorite beverage – although I’d recommend a Diet Coke.


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I grabbed a copy of this book at my local library. Thanks, Andrew Carnegie!