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Wilde at Heart by Tonya Burrows


I am still dipping my toe into romantic suspense, if I’m honest. I read a few too many while in college that were pants and it put me off the whole sub genre. So as I’m working on building this blog, I decided to make sure to branch out into parts of romancelandia I’m not super familiar with – romantic suspense being one. Y’all, I’m so glad I picked this one up!

Wilde at Heart is the third book in Burrows’s series on the Wilde brothers of Wilde security. From context clues in the book, the first two dealt with brothers Cam and Jude and this one is about Reece. There are two more brothers to go and I plan on keeping an eye out for their stories for sure.

Reece is a locked down human. All of him is – his emotions, his sexuality, his personality. He’s driven entirely by a deep and unexplained sense of responsibility to be the provider for his brothers. There’s  a lot of talk about how he’s the smartest and therefore more competent, but we discover that while he is certainly the smartest and the most competent, he’s also sacrificed a lot of himself along the way to be the “right” kind of man.

Shelby is not the “right” kind of woman by any stretch for a local business hero to be involved in. Tied up with motorcycle gangs, dressed to display and embrace her sexuality, with hair dye and tattoos to match – Shelby and Reece are connected as his brother Cam is about to marry her sister Eva. Sparks have flown between the two before, but at Cam and Eva’s wedding, sparks super fly and the two end up married! MARRIED! BY ELVIS! It’s amazing.

The suspense enters because people keep burning down buildings that Shelby’s in and there’s a creeper douchecanoe named Jason sniffing around her all the time. Someone is blackmailing Reece and no one is fully sure all the things aren’t connected. When the resolution comes at the end – and it’s one that involves the whole tribe of Wildes – it’s a satisfying conclusion to a great mystery.

Also, the sex is great. The emotional vulnerability even better. Burrows’s writing style is right up my alley and I’m thrilled I grabbed this one from NetGalley. If you’re a romantic suspense fan and enjoy your heroines sassy and your heroes strong but not AlphaAsshole, then grab a copy of this one from your local retailer. Enjoy it with a good glass of red wine  – or a great cup of coffee like Shelby would make you! – and call it a day.


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I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thanks, y’all!