This book is better than it deserves to be, y’all. A short story in a series of short story, Baxter shines at writing this family. Her website is unclear if the entire series is novellas, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it were for the simple fact that she packs more realistic character development into 100-odd pages than some folks do in 300-odd pages.

We open on a patriarch oil baron’s funeral, with his sons gathered together debating their future. I can see from Baxter’s website that we’ve met the other brothers before and they were entrancing enough that I added their stories to my burgeoning TBR list.

Dead Dad’s current wife is flitting around, clearly trying to make sure she gets every penny she feels she’s owed for said marriage, endearing her to no one. Our heroine is also flitting around, hoping for money, but Chloe is asking for her foundation, not her pocketbook.

Nate – our hero – is not super comfortable taking Daddy’s money because Dad was a super jerk. His journey through the story is to become comfortable with his past so that he can fully live his present and future – both of which include Chloe.

With a healthy dose of lovable moppets from Chloe’s sports foundation, hot sex and guest appearances by other members of the Christensen brood, I’d absolutely recommend this one for a quick and delightful holiday read. Pair it with either hot chocolate or whiskey – whatever makes for comforting reading in front of the fire.


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I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thanks, y’all!