Jingle Bell Harbor was a delightful little holiday romance that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys contemporary stories set in small towns and second-chance romances. It avoids the things that drive me nuts about novellas (no real pacing, limited character development, sex without context) and allowed me to just enjoy getting to know these folks. I also added the rest of the Bell Harbor books to my TBR since I enjoyed my time in this world so much!

Story is thus: Kelsey works for one of the largest Christmas super stores in the world. Her life is all Santa, all the time, especially since she’s dating the owner’s son. For a number of reasons, she ends up heading back to her hometown of Bell Harbor for Christmas while boyfriend is in Hawaii. She runs into a former high school classmate, Drew, who has had a flame for her since time immemorial.

One thing leads to another, Kelsey realizes that boyfriend is a douche, Drew is a dream and they live happily ever after. Along the way, there’s fantastic witty banter, excellent sex, and a great emotional journey. 100% recommended for your Yuletide reading.

Crack open the egg nog, mulled cider, hot chocolate, red wine – whatever you sip while reading by the fire. Personally, I’d choose hot chocolate for this one. It’s a bit of a sweet indulgence, just like this lovely novella.


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I got a copy of this one from the publishers via NetGalley. Thanks!