Some Girls Do is a story of forbidden love and finding home, both in location and in a person. Lacy and Cooper first meet as a hot and satisfying one night stand in a bar in Melbourne. Not having any idea who the other person is, the find out quickly they already had a connection. Cooper is best friends with Lacy’s older brother. So, not only is there a ten-year age difference between the two, Cooper now feels Lacy is completely off limits.

Fast forward a few years, the pair are still living in Melbourne, far away from Lacy’s hometown of Jumbuck Springs. In the author’s note, Andrews tells us non-Aussies that “jumbuck” is a word for sheep. So the vibe one gets of Jumbuck Springs is that it’s small and rural, but not so far from big cities that there’s a feeling of isolation. Lacy longs to go home, but due to a deathbed promise her brothers made to her mother, she is stuck in Melbourne finishing fashion school.

Well, at the beginning of our novel, Lacy has had enough of the big city and longs to spend a bit of time at home. She concocts a harebrained scheme, enlists Cooper’s help and off they go. And that is where the novel takes off.

I found this one delightful, y’all. Lacy and Cooper’s relationship is solid but also flirty and watching them dance around each other for a bit was lovely. I adored getting to know the town and, with three other Jumbuck Springs novels on the way, am excited to get to know each of the brother’s and their worlds better in turn.

This one is recommended for fans of small town romances, sprawling families who bicker because they love and people being very good at their jobs (which both Lacy and Cooper are. I call that ‘competence porn’ and I adore it). No trigger warnings in this one, just a delightful story with hot sex when they finally get around to it. Enjoy with your favorite Australian beverage of choice – beer or wine. I chose wine myself, a good grenache is my personal favorite.


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I got a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thanks!