Naughty and Nice contains four books – two naughty and two nice. Shannon Stacy and Jaci Burton bring us the nice ones – but if you know those ladies, you know there’s a healthy dose of naughty in each! – and Megan Hart and Lauren Dane provide the naughty, emphasis on the naughty.

This is a perfect set of four novellas to help you get in the holiday sprit, however you celebrate that holiday. I’m sorry to say these are all fairly Christmas-centric, or at least generic “holiday”, which usually means Christmas. I hope in the future to read more of these which include Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, but I’ll also keep taking all the Christmas joy and joyful smut we can get!

Naughty and Nice would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the fellow romance fan in your life. Even better, give it to them with a good bottle of wine or a great make-you-own hot chocolate kit so they have a good beverage to accompany the good kind of holiday reading.


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I snagged a copy of this one from a friend, and she did include it with a bottle of wine!