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A few months back, I was checking emails from another blog I used to review for. Someone had pitched us a book that sounded like Hunger Games on steroids and I was intrigued. I snapped up the book before my colleagues could get to it and boy am I glad I did. That was the first book in the Bellator Saga, Sojourn is the third.

Before I go any further, let me say this now. As the word “saga” entails, you CANNOT read these books independently of one another. You will have absolutely NO idea what is happening, but will also miss out on rich character development and world building that London has been doing for hundreds of pages.

And y’all, this series is off the chain. OFF. THE. CHAIN. Gutwrenching, heartwarming, frightening, loving, sexy as all living hell – it’s life in a book. The depths, the nuances, the ways the normal happens even when everything is shattering – it’s all captured against the background of Dystopian Fascist America.

If you’ve been with us all since the beginning: good news. This installment, which starts exactly where the previous one left off, is insanely good. It answered a million questions and asked a million more and I cursed London LOUDLY when I closed the final page because how could she leave it all right there?! HOW!? We’re introduced to a few new characters and this America London is imagining feels so tangible it scared me. I shrieked at the ending and hugged my Kindle in thanks at the same time. It is so rare to find a series that doesn’t show any signs of falling apart even several hundred pages in.

So, again, if you’re on this journey already, be excited. And get the flipping book.

In my mind, this is a mini-conclusion. If the saga is six books long, then we’ve reached our half-way point. The worlds have been built, the characters established, and now we get to watch London play. And play she does. It’s wonderful to be in the hands of an artist when you’re on this kind of journey and I cannot wait to see the final three installments. I’m already planning a complete re-read right before the final one comes out.

If you’ve not picked up this series, run as fast as your little clicking fingers can take you to Amazon and get both Dissident and Conscience immediately. Then pour a big old glass of whiskey or wine and settle in. When you surface, comment below so we can squeal together.


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I got this book straight from the author in exchange for an honest review. She didn’t know she was getting a tongue bath, honest.