In a wee bit of something different, I wanted to draw your attention to a movie being released today. “Love Between the Covers” is a documentary about romance novels. Y’all! I have been excited for this thing for yonks. It officially released today, July 12, and is available for purchase at Amazon and iTunes.

Here’s the trailer, if “documentary about romance” didn’t get you immediately.

So many women I deeply respect and admire have been a part of this project; Eloisa James, Nora Roberts (Queen Nora, y’all!), Sarah Wendell… the list goes on. It’s done by Laurie Kahn, a documentarian whose has produced things for Frontline, All Things Considered, and more and this film has been an official selection at numerous festivals.

For a more indepth sneak peak, here’s Kristan Higgins (a favorite here at Bevs and Books), talking about the romance community.

To celebrate the release, there’s also a Rafflecopter giveaway. You can win a prize pack of goodies, including popcorn for movie viewing!

Once you watch, come on back here and let’s talk about it.