For Better or Worse is the newest installment in the world of the Wedding Belles, a high-class wedding planning business in Manhattan. Wedding planner romances are my catnip (comes from watching that J.Lo movie too many times!), so I was delighted when I heard about this series. So far, I have not been disappointed.

This book focuses on Heather Fowler and Josh Tanner, who meet when Heather moves in next door to Josh. She’s a hyper-focused staff member at Wedding Belles, working her tail off to move up from assistant wedding planner to wedding planner. Josh is a bit of a wanderer, having given up his corporate financial job several years before. When they first meet, Heather is not impressed but Josh definitely is. The banter between these two is crackling and I inhaled this book.

In particular, I really loved Layne’s exploration of Josh. He gave up that career, by the way, because of a cancer diagnosis several years back. Rarely have I encountered a romance novel which has so deftly explored post-cancer/remission life for both the patient and their families. Issues of fear, trust, hope, and love are all played out here in authentic ways.

Also, I was really happy to spend time with characters I’ve already come to know and love. The full resolution of the h/h from the previous book and the continued building of the ones for the next book made me delighted. These are all stand-alones, technically, but the relationships build upon each other, so I think popping around in the order would lose some richness.

If you’re looking for a charming and sexy read for a last beach trip, or on the sidelines of a soccer match, or for the thousandth business trip you’ve taken this year, grab your favorite fizzy beverage and dig into this one.


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I’m participating in the release tour for this book, thus getting a copy of the work in exchange for a review. Thanks, Tasty Tours!