Best friend’s little sister trope klaxon! If that is your booknip, pile on in for this newest in Rachel Lacey’s Risking It All series. Crazy For You is the story of Emma and Ryan. Emma’s had a thing for Ryan since she knew what ‘things’ were but two things stopped her. One, he’s a bad boy and she’s a good girl and two, he’s her brother’s pal. What’s changed now is that she’s no longer interested in being a girl girl, and her brother never came home from war.

When Ryan’s buddy went off to war, he made Ryan promise to look after Emma. Ryan’s determined to keep that promise, but ‘looking after’ may have an evolutionary air to it all as Emma refuses to leave his life or his brain.

I have loved Lacey’s storytelling for a long time and her writing just keeps getting stronger. If you are a sucker for small towns and sexy stories, I cannot recommend this enough.

Beverage options are sweet tea or whiskey, preferably on a front porch with a sweet breeze blowing.


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