We all have those authors that are insta-clicks, don’t we. If you’re a contemporary romance reader and Sarah Mayberry isn’t one of yours, I’ll admit to being confused. I have at least liked, if not loved/adored/drooled over, everything she’s written and Tanner is no exception.

The kick-off of a new series, we leave Mayberry’s normal stomping grounds of her native Australia and head to the American west for a story about a bull rider. I went to the rodeo once when I lived in Colorado and I cannot say I gave much thought to the lads on the animals beyond hopes for their safety. If I go back, Mayberry has shifted my focus.

Evie, our heroine, is so damn in love with her boyfriend that she hops a plane from Australia to the U.S. to surprise him. Except she’s the one that’s surprised when she discovers him with someone else! Turns out, he wasn’t under the impression they were dating, much less moving towards engagement like Evie did. Before you get too judgey, our Evie admits she made a lot of assumptions and asked very few questions. Let that be a lesson to all of us; DTR before draining one’s savings account.

Tanner is the strong, silent type – but he’s also a good man, which means he’s not going to leave a shellshocked Evie to fend for herself. The story moves from them being strangers, to them learning to face new challenges together, to sneakily falling in love. With trademark wit and heat, Mayberry has penned another winner.

I enjoyed this one with a glass of iced tea on my patio. A fab combo for a fab book.



I got a copy of this from NetGalley and I’m thankful I did!