I have been telling you all for months about FreshFiction’s box of random books that arrives each month – which I affectionately refer to as “The Pink Box of Joy”. While every subscriber gets one book that’s the same – this month it’s Avery Flynn’s The Charmer – the rest is a mystery until you open that box.

As someone that often suffers from book choice paralysis (you know, looking at your TBR and thinking ‘what next?!’), I appreciate getting some hand selected choices each month. I just read through the box.

This one just arrived, and I wanted to get the post up ASAP so that you all could make sure to get your order in, should you chose to, so I haven’t gotten to read any of this month’s selections yet. First up, though, is gonna be Krista Phillips’ The Engagement Plot, so keep your eyes peeled for a review forthcoming.

If you’re interested in expanding your reading, this is a good way to do it. I wish there was more diversity in my boxes – I haven’t gotten any characters of color, LGBTQ, or non-Christian stories yet, but perhaps they are coming! – I’m still exposed to authors I’ve never heard of on a regular basis. In a sea as wide as Romancelandia, that’s always a bonus.

I write for FreshFiction and get these boxes in exchange for telling you all about them.