What is Beverages and Books?

This site is built as a place for readers who know that fiction is just as real as non. The site reviews and engages with books of all genres – fiction and non, memoir and academic. The true point is for readers who like to possibly explore beyond the given text – for social themes or further book recommendations.

We review books that are new releases and ones that aren’t. One of the beauty of reading is that books don’t necessarily need to be timely things! And for romance readers in particular, many spend hours reading back catalogues and discovering new authors. Thus, BaB reviews all books read – whether acquired from NetGalley, the local library or a used bookstore!

Who is Beverages and Books? 

At the moment, the website is run by one lady who loves – you guessed – beverages of all kinds and books the same. A voracious reader, Kristen’s an academic researcher with specialities in gender, race, religion and education in various locations around the globe. Her academic specialty is Northern Ireland and is currently working on a romance novel set in contemporary Belfast that no one will most likely ever read. K’s favorite beverages are coffee, beer (specifically craft porters), whiskey (Irish, please), and Diet Coke.

Kristen’s reviews can also be found at All About Romance and Fresh Fiction.

Can I join?

Absolutely! Drop a line if you’d like to be a contributor. Know that this is currently a voluntary venture, but if you’re looking to sharpen your reviewing skills and build writing experience, send an email to beveragesandbooks@gmail.com

I’m an author, will you review my book? 

It will absolutely get considered! Send a copy of your book (ePub, PDF, mobi) to beveragesandbooks@gmail.com and you will get a response to your request quickly. If your book is on NetGalley and would like us to acquire the book that way, please email and we will request it though our NetGalley account.

(It behooves me to note I generally do not enjoy shapeshifting or werewolf novels. However, if you think your book can turn me (pun intended), then please send it along!)