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Animal Attraction by Jill Shal...

<i>Animal Attraction</i> by Jill Shalvis

The second book set in Sunshine, Idaho, Animal Attraction is a delight. In typical Shalvis fashion, the characters pop off the page and sweep you along with them. And as animals in novels is one of my favorite tropes, the fact that this one is set in a vet’s office is just a sweet bonus for […]

House Trained by Jackie Boucha...

<i>House Trained</i> by Jackie Bouchard

House Trained is women’s fiction novel about Alex, an interior decorator, her husband, Barry and their dog Marie. A committed child-free couple, their house is like a shrine to Alex’s exquisite tastes and one she is exceptionally proud of. She finds the brood being raised by her sister to be unnecessarily messy and annoying and […]

Ever After by Rachel Lacey

<i>Ever After</i> by Rachel Lacey

Alright, petals, this one was a slow start for me. Ever After opens on our heroine, Olivia, committing an act of vandalism on a chicken processing plant. Accompanied by two “friends”, she is in the middle of spray-painting the words “chicken assassins” when the sheriff’s deputy pulls up to arrest her. The “friends” split and she […]

Taste of Sugar by Marina Adair

<i>Taste of Sugar</i> by Marina Adair

  Things I love in romances: second chances, small towns, tribal families, brothers acting the fool and women who love them, big floppy dogs and unbelievable acrobatically unrealistic sex. A Taste of Sugar has all of those things – sans the dog. It does, however, have a sheep. Long story. Southerners remain a little bit […]

Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypa...

<i>Brown-Eyed Girl</i> by Lisa Kleypas

  Brown Eyed Girl is the fourth novel in Kleypas’s Travis family series. This one centers on Joe, the final brother to find his match in the rambling family of wealthy but down to earth Texans. Joe’s happy ever after comes in the form of Avery, a wedding planner extraordinaire with a serious guard up […]

The Marriage Season by Linda L...

<i>The Marriage Season</i> by Linda Lael Miller

  The Marriage Season is  – I’m sorry to say it – just fine. And “fine” is one of the most annoying reviews I know how to write. There’s nothing overtly wrong with it, there’s nothing overtly fantastic – it was a good distraction from life for a few hours. If Miller’s writing is a […]

Love Bats Last by Pamela Aares

<i>Love Bats Last</i> by Pamela Aares

Love Bats Last is the first in Pamela Aares’s series about the Tavonesi family. Just like so many other romances, the series follows an extensive tribe of people. This one is about Alex and Jackie and might be my favorite of the whole series. Alexi Tavonesi is a star pitcher but also runs his family’s vineyard […]

Catch of the Day by Kristan Hi...

<i>Catch of the Day</i> by Kristan Higgins

Catch of the Day is about Maggie Beaumont, who owns a diner in a small fishing village in New England called Gideon’s Cove and has a seriously poor track record with picking men. A true highlight was when she feel for the cute new Irishman only to find out that he was the new local priest. […]

All I Ever Wanted by Kristan H...

<i>All I Ever Wanted</i> by Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins is a delightfully reliable author. Whenever I pick up one of her novels, I know that I’ll find a heroine I could be friends with, a hero I’d pick for her and a wonderful floppy dog that I wish I could cuddle with. The happily ever after will give me all the feels […]

My Animals and Other Family by...

<i>My Animals and Other Family</i> by Clare Balding

  I first encountered Clare Balding as a sports commentator on BBC for the 2012 London Olympics (this interview is particularly famous). For whatever reason, I found myself connecting with her as a trusted voice and when she popped up on other programs on British television, I often found myself tuning in. She primary covers […]