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Under Your Skin by Shannyn Sch...

<i>Under Your Skin</i> by Shannyn Schroeder

Under Your Skin is the newest offering from Shannyn Schroeder, and is also a kick-off to her new series “For Your Love”. Our hero, Kai, is a closed-off tattoo shop owner with a past, while our heroine, Norah, is a pregnant, single lady looking for a reconnection with her family. When Kai’s mother has surgery and needs […]

Keep Me, Cowboy by Nicole Helm

<i>Keep Me, Cowboy</i> by Nicole Helm

This book was fine. And y’all, I hate writing reviews for books that were fine. I read it about three weeks ago, which is an admittedly long lag time between reading and reviewing for me, but it fell completely out of my head. I had to go back to my notes – which is rare […]

How Forever Feels by Laura Dre...

<i>How Forever Feels</i> by Laura Drewry

  How Forever Feels is the final piece of her series about a tribe of friends set in Canada. I reviewed the third one over at Romance and Smut a while ago and found it delightful – and I loved this one even more! This book is about second chances and finding yourself and learning […]

Can’t Hurry Love by Moll...

<i>Can’t Hurry Love</i> by Molly O’Keefe

  In the first book set at Crooked Creek, we meet Victoria and Eli. I like to say up front if this is a stand-alone type of book or not and this is one that straddles. I think you can enjoy this as a stand alone – I don’t think any of the details are […]

Can’t Buy Me Love by Mol...

<i>Can’t Buy Me Love</i> by Molly O’Keefe

  Okay, so this book took me a little bit to orient myself. That’s not a bad thing, just often unexpected romance novels. I’m not used to having to sort out who the heroine is and who the hero is and in this one, it took a little bit. Of course, had I read the […]

Straddling the Line by Sarah M...

<i>Straddling the Line</i> by Sarah M. Anderson

  Straddling the Line is a lovely Harlequin Desire book from Sarah M. Anderson about a cross-racial romance between a Lakota woman and a white man. Josey is looking for funding for the school on the reservation and heads to Ben’s custom motorcycle business to see if he could donate equipment. While he initially declines, […]

Simply Irresistible by Jill Sh...

<i>Simply Irresistible</i> by Jill Shalvis

  Simply Irresistible is our introduction to Lucky Harbor, a sleepy coastal town in Washington State. One of my favorite series, Lucky Harbor can be read out of order – the series is really a set of four trilogies following friends or families – but I’d recommend starting at the beginning so you can let Shalvis […]

Aim For Love by Pamela Aares

<i>Aim For Love</i> by Pamela Aares

  Aim For Love is the fifth book in the Tavonesi series and is about Sabrina and Kaz. Sabrina is a Tavonesi and made loads of appearances in the previous books in the series. When Aim for Love opens, she’s fresh off a surprise run of fame due to well-received indie film. However, the character that […]

Love on the Line by Pamela Aar...

<i>Love on the Line</i> by Pamela Aares

  Love on the Line is the fourth book in the Tavonesi series, although this one really doesn’t deal with any of the family. Instead, we meet Cara and Ryan – one a reclusive and secretive heiress and one an egotistical and talented ball player. When they meet, sparks fly but walls are up, and […]

Fielder’s Choice by Pame...

<i>Fielder’s Choice</i> by Pamela Aares

  Fielder’s Choice is the third book in the Tavonesi series and is one of my favorites. Telling the story of Matt and Alana, with a lovely dose of Matt’s precocious daughter Sophie. Alana, born into the Tavonesi family, has always been a jet-setter and has come back to California to take over the olive […]