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Mile High by Rebecca Chance

<i>Mile High</i> by Rebecca Chance

  Mile High is Rebecca Chance’s 8th book – she writes British bonkbusters, so American readers can be forgiven for not recognizing her name. Books about rich people behaving badly, usually multiple characters with overlapping storylines and sumptuous sex. On several levels, this one doesn’t disappoint, but I certainly wouldn’t call it my favorite of […]

Sounds Like Me by Sara Bareilles

<i>Sounds Like Me</i> by Sara Bareilles

  In the intro to this memoir, Sara Barielles writes that she hopes the essay sound like her (hence the book title). She hopes that we feel at home with her voice, that this is just a conversation between some friends and she’s got the floor for now. As someone who has listened to her […]

A Thrill to Remember by Lori Wilde

<i>A Thrill to Remember</i> by Lori Wilde

  Just like Touch of Silk, this one is from Wilde’s Harlequin back catalogue. The conclusion of the series that Touch started, Thrill to Remember finds us back in Alaska. The opening takes place at a costume party where our hero and heroine are masked and mysterious. They end up having a super-sexy-super-secret tryst in an abandoned shack […]

You by Caroline Kepnes

<i>You</i> by Caroline Kepnes

  You is a mindf*ck. A total and complete mindf*ck. In the best way. The story is written from Joe’s perspective and to Beck, his dream girl who he meets when she buys books in the East Village independent bookstore he manages. However, the relationship is not ever actually mutual. Joe is a crazed stalker who […]

Pleasure Island by Anna-Lou Weatherley

<i>Pleasure Island</i> by Anna-Lou Weatherley

  Pleasure Island is one of those British bonkbusters that lets you escape into the habits of obscenely weathly people. It falls in the grand tradition of Victoria Fox, Jilly Cooper, Rebecca Chance and others. For me, unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to those works. Escapist to be sure, frothy and ridiculous absolutely – just […]