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Between the Sheets by Molly O&...

<i>Between the Sheets</i> by Molly O’Keefe

  Between the Sheets was recommended to me by a social worker friend a few months ago. We were talking about how diseases which affect the elderly are rarely written about in romance novels, because so few of them deal with that population. She explained she was at a conference on alternative methods of care […]

Pretending to Dance by Diane C...

<i>Pretending to Dance</i> by Diane Chamberlain

  Pretending to Dance is listed as a psychological thriller on Amazon and I’m not quite sure I’d go there. You know that the main character, Molly, is hiding things both from herself and from her husband, but I didn’t think the author was hiding anything from the readers. I figured out the “big mystery” within […]

Animal Attraction by Jill Shal...

<i>Animal Attraction</i> by Jill Shalvis

The second book set in Sunshine, Idaho, Animal Attraction is a delight. In typical Shalvis fashion, the characters pop off the page and sweep you along with them. And as animals in novels is one of my favorite tropes, the fact that this one is set in a vet’s office is just a sweet bonus for […]

Ever After by Rachel Lacey

<i>Ever After</i> by Rachel Lacey

Alright, petals, this one was a slow start for me. Ever After opens on our heroine, Olivia, committing an act of vandalism on a chicken processing plant. Accompanied by two “friends”, she is in the middle of spray-painting the words “chicken assassins” when the sheriff’s deputy pulls up to arrest her. The “friends” split and she […]

Taste of Sugar by Marina Adair

<i>Taste of Sugar</i> by Marina Adair

  Things I love in romances: second chances, small towns, tribal families, brothers acting the fool and women who love them, big floppy dogs and unbelievable acrobatically unrealistic sex. A Taste of Sugar has all of those things – sans the dog. It does, however, have a sheep. Long story. Southerners remain a little bit […]

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Tha...

<i>The Guest Cottage</i> by Nancy Thayer

Nancy Thayer’s The Guest Cottage is a delightful novel set on the picturesque island of Nantucket where a divorcee and widower find love as their families meld together. I have never read anything by Thayer before – but in reading the reviews on Goodreads this is a very typical example of her work. It’s an enveloping […]