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The Best Kind of Trouble by La...

<i>The Best Kind of Trouble</i> by Lauren Dane

  The Best Kind of TroubleĀ kicks off Dane’s trilogy about the Hurley brothers, their band Sweet Hollow Ranch and their love stories. I fell for these guys hook, line and sinker and ate all these books up one after another. Dane’s heroes are tattooed, pierced, gruff alphas who always find the women who call them […]

Sounds Like Me by Sara Bareill...

<i>Sounds Like Me</i> by Sara Bareilles

  In the intro to this memoir, Sara Barielles writes that she hopes the essay sound like her (hence the book title). She hopes that we feel at home with her voice, that this is just a conversation between some friends and she’s got the floor for now. As someone who has listened to her […]