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Wedding in Great Neck by Yona ...

<i>Wedding in Great Neck</i> by Yona Zeldis McDonough

I was browsing through my library’s eBook collection right before a recent trip to the beach and looking for something distracting and immersive to read. Wedding in Great Neck caught my attention due to the gorgeous cover (I mean, seriously, that dress) and the title. I like weddings, I know nothing about Great Neck – […]

The Royal Marriage Arrangement...

<i>The Royal Marriage Arrangement</i> by Rebecca Winters

  The Royal Marriage Arrangement was written in 2008 for Harlequin’s Diamond anniversary series “Diamond Brides”. It’s a perfectly charming book – one of their shorter ones clocking in at 187 pages so I finished it in a few hours. Alexandra , or Alex, believes herself to be an orphan of a troubled and deceased […]