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Panic by Lauren Oliver

<i>Panic</i> by Lauren Oliver

  Panic is a YA novel set in a small town in New York State. A coming-of-age story, the novel centers itself around a group of high school seniors all involved in a town ritual known as Panic. As our narrator – Heather – explains,┬áPanic is one of those things that would never exist in […]

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica...

<i>Luckiest Girl Alive</i> by Jessica Knoll

*Trigger Warnings: sexual violence, physical violence, gun violence* So I picked this one up because no one could seemingly stop talking about it. I heard very little, except that it was funny and twisty and dark in the ways that Gone Girl was. I was in need of a beach read for a weekend down […]

Straddling the Line by Sarah M...

<i>Straddling the Line</i> by Sarah M. Anderson

  Straddling the Line is a lovely Harlequin Desire book from Sarah M. Anderson about a cross-racial romance between a Lakota woman and a white man. Josey is looking for funding for the school on the reservation and heads to Ben’s custom motorcycle business to see if he could donate equipment. While he initially declines, […]

This Is Where It Ends by Marie...

<i>This Is Where It Ends</i> by Marieke Nijkamp

*Trigger Warning: School violence* This book took my breath away. I was on a flight from Copenhagen to Dublin and my husband kept trying to talk to me and I just kept holding up my hand. I simply HAD TO KNOW the end of this. The narrative is stunning, the way everything weaves together, how […]