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Jingle Bell Harbor by Tracy Br...

<i>Jingle Bell Harbor</i> by Tracy Brogan

Jingle Bell Harbor was a delightful little holiday romance that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys contemporary stories set in small towns and second-chance romances. It avoids the things that drive me nuts about novellas (no real pacing, limited character development, sex without context) and allowed me to just enjoy getting to know these folks. […]

Taste of Sugar by Marina Adair

<i>Taste of Sugar</i> by Marina Adair

  Things I love in romances: second chances, small towns, tribal families, brothers acting the fool and women who love them, big floppy dogs and unbelievable acrobatically unrealistic sex. A Taste of Sugar has all of those things – sans the dog. It does, however, have a sheep. Long story. Southerners remain a little bit […]