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Aim For Love by Pamela Aares

<i>Aim For Love</i> by Pamela Aares

  Aim For Love is the fifth book in the Tavonesi series and is about Sabrina and Kaz. Sabrina is a Tavonesi and made loads of appearances in the previous books in the series. When Aim for Love opens, she’s fresh off a surprise run of fame due to well-received indie film. However, the character that […]

Fielder’s Choice by Pame...

<i>Fielder’s Choice</i> by Pamela Aares

  Fielder’s Choice is the third book in the Tavonesi series and is one of my favorites. Telling the story of Matt and Alana, with a lovely dose of Matt’s precocious daughter Sophie. Alana, born into the Tavonesi family, has always been a jet-setter and has come back to California to take over the olive […]

Thrown by Love by Pamela Aares

<i>Thrown by Love</i> by Pamela Aares

  Thrown by Love is the second in the Tavonesi series and this one focuses on Scotty and Chloe. Scotty has just been traded from the team he’s been with forever and is not exactly thrilled with it. Chloe is a physicist, but is not super comfortable in the academic world, often feeling uncomfortable with the […]

The Marriage Season by Linda L...

<i>The Marriage Season</i> by Linda Lael Miller

  The Marriage Season is  – I’m sorry to say it – just fine. And “fine” is one of the most annoying reviews I know how to write. There’s nothing overtly wrong with it, there’s nothing overtly fantastic – it was a good distraction from life for a few hours. If Miller’s writing is a […]

Conscience by Cecilia London

<i>Conscience</i> by Cecilia London

I’m a writer as well as a reader, so I know how annoying and borderline offensive it is to authors to have someone scream at them to write faster. I do. I promise. That being said. WRITE FASTER, LONDON. FAAAASSSSTTEERRRRRRRR. Holy hell, this book series. I’ve started ordering my friends to read this, sending text […]

Dissident by Cecilia London

<i>Dissident</i> by Cecilia London

  Christ on a cracker, y’all – THIS BOOK. No shit, THIS BOOK. Do you enjoy dystopian fiction like Hunger Games or Divergent but wish all the good dystopians weren’t about teenagers? Can you not get enough of House of Cards? Or wish the West Wing was still happening? Into reading detailed marathon sex sessions between consenting adults? Then pick up this series […]

Love Bats Last by Pamela Aares

<i>Love Bats Last</i> by Pamela Aares

Love Bats Last is the first in Pamela Aares’s series about the Tavonesi family. Just like so many other romances, the series follows an extensive tribe of people. This one is about Alex and Jackie and might be my favorite of the whole series. Alexi Tavonesi is a star pitcher but also runs his family’s vineyard […]

The Heat of the Moment by Kati...

<i>The Heat of the Moment</i> by Katie Rose

Releasing soon is Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose, a delightful baseball romance. If your team, like mine, is absolutely embarrassing at the moment and you’d like to root for a fictional team for a wee bit, then let me introduce you to the Trenton Sonics. This book gave me all sorts of good book feels. […]

Catch of the Day by Kristan Hi...

<i>Catch of the Day</i> by Kristan Higgins

Catch of the Day is about Maggie Beaumont, who owns a diner in a small fishing village in New England called Gideon’s Cove and has a seriously poor track record with picking men. A true highlight was when she feel for the cute new Irishman only to find out that he was the new local priest. […]

He’s So Fine by Jill Sha...

<i>He’s So Fine</i> by Jill Shalvis

First of all, if you’ve never read anything by Shalvis before, then buckle up because you are in for a treat. She has a special skill for bringing characters alive and making the whole story feel like a group of friends you’re eavesdropping on. This book finds itself set in her Lucky Harbor series, a […]